Solarplexus IT-strategi support clients in application development and system integration.

We use “best practice” and work together with our clients to identify problems before suggesting any solution. We take responsibility for all phases from analysis till deployment and training. Clear project goals make life simpler instead of complicated.

Analyze: we work collaboratively with our clients to identify and address challenges as well as complex issues. We use methods like RUP, PROPS, workshops, “best practice” etc. Typical areas of engagement:

  • Business Modeling
  • Process development
  • IS/IT strategies
  • Change management
  • Requirement analysis
  • Scenario planning
  • ITIL

Design: with creative thinking and experience Solarplexus IT-strategy work to identify implementable solutions. Typical areas of engagement:

  • System architecture
  • System design
  • Demo systems
  • Prototyping
  • Usability studies

Build: using best practice, both new and well-tried techniques Solarplexus IT-strategi develop and maintain software applications. We use the tools needed to deliver solutions fast and efficient in every specific situation. Typical areas of engagement of System Development platforms:

  • Microsoft: .Net, ASP, COM+, VB, SQL, Access etc.
  • Java: J2EE, JSP, Javascript, etc.
  • Mainframe: Cobol, RPG, DB2, DL/1, Mapper, CICS m.fl
  • System maintenance: RUP, PRPOS, Project Director, ClearCase etc
  • Quality Assurance and test activities (i.e. Test strategies, models, planning, test templates, tools).

Implement: Solarplexus IT-strategi support clients with planning and training in the implementation phase. We use best practice and well tried methods for successful implementation and transition.

  • Production planning
  • Support activities
  • Change Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Training

Deployment: in order to deploy changes and maintain lasting results, Solarplexus IT-strategi support clients in areas listed below.

  • Deployment documentation
  • Planning and preparation (time and environment)
  • Security and backup routines
  • Support during deployment
  • Deployment of hardware and software
  • Customer service

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